52 interviews, published weekly for a year.

After living for so many years in the Netherlands, we started to appreciate the idea of a community of Romanians, we started to understand that it would be very good to find out about one another, who we are, why we are here, why we feel good in this country.

And so the project Noi Rădăcini – New Roots – was born: a format based on short interviews, which will be published every week for a year. 52 interviews in total.

Who is it for? First, to say that Romanians feel good when living in the Netherlands. We can collect their stories, some different from the culture and traditions they left behind, and we can learn from them. We, Romanians, want to learn about other Romanians, to understand the different facets of living and being successful in the Netherlands.

Second, Noi Rădăcini wants to be a credible source of information for the Dutch people, focusing on the good things Romanians actually do in the Netherlands, from things that are tangible and easy to appreciate, to less tangible things that nevertheless make the Dutch society work.

There is also a third reason for Noi Rădăcini to exist, a reason perhaps only meaningful to the authors: we were and remain curious about Romanians living in the Netherlands. Who are these beautiful and courageous people? 



Elena van den Berg

It’s a place where I feel that I’ve come to do what I like. You can achieve that American Dream, although the Netherlands is not America. Meaning, you’re really able to do what you want, when you want, to even take a risk. It’s a place where my creativity is blossoming.

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Cristina Andriescu

“… after three-four years I started to feel OK again. I realised this when I was walking on the street and I looked into the window of a shop. I saw myself and thought in Dutch: “Wow, what a lovely dress!” Then I realised it was over, I am home!”

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Nicoleta Mituţ

“I got to know different worlds. In Romania I was a child and an adolescent, in France I was a student, but I also learned to be independent and responsible, while in the Netherlands I started making a living. I don’t regret any decision made during all these years.”

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