The Noi Rădăcini Book Launch

On December 8, 2018, we ended the Noi Rădăcini pilot project and we launched in Deventer the Noi Rădăcini book, published by Go-Bos Press.

Among our guests were the interviewees and Brândușa Predescu, the ambassador of Romania in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, to whom we offered the first copy of the book.

Thomas Walder, the Deputy Mayor of Deventer, and Dorien Rijkmans, representing the Supervisory Board of the Deventer Public Library, were also present. The Deventer Public Library was actually the host of the book launch. Florin Brusten, director of Radio Romania Regional, joined us coming all the way from Bucharest.

Those present had the opportunity to meet the team that made this extremely complex project possible by volunteering hundreds of hours.

The book presentation was followed by Teodora Ionescu’s wonderful performance: „Like the shadow, our roots will follow us”.

From Germany, especially for this launch, came the Cantores Vivaces choir, which was formed in Cluj, in 1979, and which has survived even after its members emigrated from Romania. In spite of living in different countries, they still meet once a year and sing together. 

The atmosphere was moving, relaxed, and informal.

Now, the question that remains is “What’s next?”